We help retailers automate customer financing

Implement our technology to streamline your application process through our managed and self-managed services.

How Do we do that?

Our unique features and benefits help your employees and customers avoid issues often found with conventional application methods.

Lending Network

Over 50 lenders live in our platform, with the ability to easily add more at your request.

Customer Facing Application

Customers can fill out an online application in-store and at-home from any device. It can also be texted to your customer and integrated into billing.

Speed & Ease of Use

Complete financing applications in a fraction of the time. Gone are the days of duplicate data entry with offering multiple options.

Security & Compliance

Customer and business data are safe and secure through User Verification, PCI Compliance, HIPAA Compliance and CCPA Compliance.

Increase Revenue

Ensure customers don’t get frustrated halfway through the process and stop before trying all available financing options, resulting in maximum approvals.

Data & Reporting

Track your financing data in one place to quickly identify which lenders and sales associates are driving the most revenue.

More than your typical waterfall platform

We’ve removed all the restrictions and added total flexibility to the lending application process.

Plug in all your lenders

We know how frustrating it can be to be limited to certain lending options within a waterfall platform. FormPiper works with any online application, allowing you to control the lenders you offer to your customers.

Run applications in any order

We know every customer is different, so you control the submission order. If a customer has challenged credit, you can start with no credit check options, preventing you from hitting a customer’s credit when it’s not necessary.

Customized reporting to give you business KPIs

We know how time consuming it is to check all of your lending portals to get the data you need. Now all your data is in one place, allowing you to see which lenders and staff members are driving the most financing revenue in your business.

Options to get started

There are two primary offerings, depending on the level of service you desire.

FormPiper managed servcies

Option 1: Managed Services

Customer financing has never been simpler and more convenient. We complete the entire financing process, from application to funding.

FormPiper self managed

Option 2: Self-Managed

Keep the financing process in-house. You work with your customers to complete applications and contracts.

What People Are Saying

Before we started using FormPiper, it would take my managers approximately 20 minutes to complete 4 applications. Now their time is cut in half, so they have more time to pay attention to staff and customers, helping to close more sales.

- Peggy Davis, Petland Ft. Walton Beach, Memphis & Pensacola

The Puppy Store
Home Furnishings Association
Furniture & Beauty Express
Divano Furniture
Household Furniture
Markson's Furniture & Mattress
Neal's Home Store
The Warehouse Mattresses, Furniture, & More
Price Busters Furniture

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