Empower your retail client base

Developed with the lender in mind, as much as the retailers they serve. We help lenders achieve their goals and eliminate frustrations, while helping your clients reach new levels of success.

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More than your typical waterfall platform

No Development Costs

Integrating with waterfall companies can be costly. Our unique development process allows us to connect with your application seamlessly, eliminating any costs to you.

Direct Relationship

We want your merchants to maintain a direct relationship with you. Our platform actually logs in to your portal and populates your application, so when your merchant gets an approval, they can easily complete the process.

Activate Inactive Merchants

We know that 50% of retailers that sign up for a lending option never use it. FormPiper solves that problem by making it easy for merchants to utilize all of their options and therefore, increase your opportunity to close a deal.

Increase Application Volume

If you are not the merchants’ primary lender, FormPiper ensures more visibility by simplifying the stores’ process, resulting in a 76% increase in your applications being run.

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Retail Exposure

Partner with us to introduce your program to our network of retailers.

White Labeled

Create your own custom FormPiper portal. Want to be run first? No problem. Want to make sure that your competition is not available in your portal? No problem. We can customize the solution for you and your merchants.

Get 76% more applications

See how quickly you can boost your applications by partnering with FormPiper.

Case Studies

Proven results with FormPiper

Here’s how we’ve already helped retailers.

Case Study 1

76% more retail finance applications with FormPiper

Case Study 2

135% more retail finance applications with FormPiper

Case Study 3

125% more retail finance applications with FormPiper

Data gathered across 180 locations from 2019-2020

*Please note that because of a non-disclosure agreement, we cannot share the name or industry of this case study.

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