FormPiper Case Study

Mattress Clearance Warehouse

What makes for a strong consumer finance program? It always starts with the customer relationship.

Offering consumer financing is a great way to provide customers with another means of making the purchase they really want to make. It also boosts retailers' revenue by helping them secure more sales over time.

Unfortunately, many retailers run into serious challenges when it comes to running their consumer finance program every day, particularly as it relates to processing financing applications. This was certainly the case for Rudy Campos and his Laredo, Texas-based business Mattress Clearance Warehouse.

“Our small company was going through some growing pains when it came to processing financing applications for our customers due to several reasons," says Rudy."

What were those reasons?

  • Rudy's business was growing in volume.
  • Credit-challenged customers were taking too long to process due to declines.
  • Rudy's business was short-staffed at the time due to difficulty finding the right candidates for the job requirements. .
  • His customers hated or felt embarrassed by being declined, and didn't like having to give the same information multiple times to run the application again with other financing companies

Rudy's consumer finance program had hit a wall. That's when he looked to FormPiper, a complete consumer finance automation solution.

Rudy's consumer finance program had hit a wall. That's when he looked to FormPiper, a complete consumer finance automation solution.

Just how helpful is FormPiper

for retailers looking to streamline their consumer finance process? For Rudy Campos, it made a huge difference.

"Our experience now with FormPiper is GREAT!" says Rudy. "We are able to get new customers approved FASTER and our volume is GROWING and now saving PAYROLL due to not needing more labor to do the application process! One time asking customers for personal info and DONE!"

And what about when Rudy needs support?

"The FormPiper help desk is always ready to assist if issues develop! Customer Service is GREAT!"

But why not just hire a
dedicated employee to run
the application process?

Rudy did the math on that one.

"If we decided to hire an employee just to do
application processing it would cost us at least

$8.50 hr. x 40hrs. weekly =
$340 a week x 4 weeks =
$1360 a month x 12 mo. =
$16,320.00 a year!!!"

Rudy saved time and money with FormPiper and made his customers happier in the process; talk about a win-win. Now Mattress Clearance Warehouse can provide its retail customers with the consumer financing options they need without bogging them down in a frustrating finance application process.

We'll leave you with a final word from Rudy, a retail business owner who is making the most of FormPiper's convenient capabilities:

"We at Mattress Clearance Warehouse our very HAPPY with our decision to take advantage of this program and we recommend it highly! Thank you, FormPiper."

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